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Camelia vor einem Gebäude, die Jacke lässig über die Schulter geschwungen

I am Camelia

Discover Graz with me, a passionate local with an international biography!

My Story

I have been living and working in Graz for many years, and I have combined my passion for traveling and my enthusiasm for people in my profession as a state-certified tourist guide (Austria Guide).

I love strolling through the city, discovering new corners and learning interesting stories along the way. As an Austria Guide, I get to show people the beautiful things in life, and that is simply enriching for me.

I combine history and current events as well as the country and people into a perfect mixture and make sure that you will see Graz with different eyes.

Camelia Schlodder
Camelia spricht zu Menschen bei einer Führung durch einen Arkadenhof in Graz
  • Competence
  • Charm
  • Curiosity
  • Camelia :)
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