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Graz medically unleashed

An (un)healthy tour with bizarre stories.

On a crazy discovery tour through Graz, we delve into the bizarre secrets

of history! Past and present merge into one another.

How did a monastery district become a hospital district? What does the

Medical University have in common with "Game of Thrones&quot".

The focus is on wine as a curative - why was it healthier than water? We

trace the footsteps of sparkling wine cellars and find out where sparkling

secrets are still stored today.

And what do wine cellars and lung diseases have in common? Well, both

benefit from thorough ventilation from time to time!

But that's not all!

Imagine, dedicated nurses caring for patients in a hospital while wearing

elegant Dior fashion - a perfect combination of care with a touch of


Discover where the mysterious “mountain glacier” was once located in

Graz and which fateful chapter of history is known as the "Black Death".

This tour is filled with bizarre personalities and also reveals where the

Emperor of Mexico once checked in.

Find out why it was definitely better not to be cared for by executioner's


Are you ready for a tour full of curiosities and exciting anecdotes?

Meeting point: Schloßberg-Uhrturm

Duration: 1,5 Stunden

Price: 135 EUR

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